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Trevor English Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant

I have always loved being a Wedding Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies but I’m now as an independent Wedding and Handfasting Celebrant and am able to conduct a wedding ceremony anywhere, and have the knowledge and paper work required to help a couple write their unique and personal vows and ceremony is a real buzz every time. When I tell them it can be as traditional as they want and still include a handfasting, or jumping the broom to see there faces is great. What i enjoy and is the most popular at the moment is a traditional ceremony with a partial handfasting, really fun to do

I hope the video here will give you idea of what I can do, it was nice to be videoed but please remember a lot of the personal bits are edited out, as every ceremony is individually written and last about 45 minutes may be longer depending on what the personal requirements are. If anyone is unsure of what handfasting is please ask as I am always available for advice. 

Trevor English Independent Celebrant a member of (FOIC) Fellowship of Independent Celebrants